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    The Alberta Residential Landlord Association (ARLA) is working closely with the Edmonton
    Bed Bug Stakeholder Committee, Alberta Health and ARLA members to monitor
    and better understand the recent resurgence of bed bugs in Edmonton
    and throughout North America.

    ARLA is aware that many Alberta Residential Landlord Association members are
    experiencing infestations of bed bugs as they spread throughout the
    City of Edmonton, including but limited to office and commercial space,
    hotels, hospitals, public areas, shelters, housing, etc.

    ARLA recognizes that bed bugs are not associated with unsanitary
    living conditions in rental properties but rather are primarily
    spread as a result of:

    • Travel resulting in bed bugs unknowingly being brought into the rental premises;
    • Resident and guest movement between rental properties;
    • Non-reporting of infestations by residents resulting in the pests spreading to adjoining rental suites;
    • Non-compliance of residents with suite preparation for pest control treatment; and
    • Reuse of discarded furniture and mattresses.


    ARLA is of the view that education is key in addressing the problem of bed bugs. ARLA continues to encourage its members to educate themselves and their residents on bed bug recognition, prevention and elimination.

    ARLA believes that prevention and elimination of bed bugs is a cohesive partnership among ARLA members, residents and all levels of government. ARLA members should therefore encourage non-punitive reporting of infestations and joint cooperation in any treatment process to ensure effective results.

    ARLA wishes to see members and their residents comply with treatment recommendations and protocol to prevent and eliminate bed bugs by including regular suite monitoring for bed bugs and initiating professional pest control treatment to eliminate bed bug populations.

    ARLA is working to ensure that our members have access to the latest information on effective bed bug control treatments, tools and procedures through closely monitoring research as it becomes available, participating in bed bug information sharing initiatives and educating our membership through seminars, symposiums, handout materials, website and articles in the ARLA Rental Gazette Newsletters.

    The Edmonton Bed Bug Stakeholder Committee has created a user guide to preventing & getting rid of
    bed bugs safely:
    Click Here for the Edmonton Bed Bug Guide Order Form


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